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About Us

Holistic Approach

We provide care for all animals!

Birds, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, bunnies, cats, and dogs! Pet grooming, pet/house sitting, and overnight lodging available.

We take a Holistic Approach to Grooming and Pet Care. We don’t just clip the hair and trim the nails. We groom each companion with an eye towards the “whole animal” and on an individual basis.

That’s why:

Pet care products are organic and free of pesticides, steroids and hormones. Pet playtime and socialization is emphasized. All animals are given a multi point health inspection when checking in for all services! All guests are given a personality profile and temperament test. Pets are kept in a quiet, loving atmosphere. The utmost care is taken to ensure your pet’s health and happiness.

We recommend routine services, not only for the health of you pets skin and coat but also dogs and cats that are groomed regularly learn to enjoy their spa days instead of developing anxiety over them! We can customize a schedule that works best for you and your pet.

Grooming for Dogs, Cats,
Rabbits, and Guinea pigs!

Let our professionals help you select a style that reflects not only your pet’s breed standards, but also your pet’s personality, taking into account the ease of maintenance and your time limitations.

Meet The "A" Team

Alicia Ellis, CFMG

Owner & Operator

Certified Pet Stylist
Certified Feline Master groomer

We are a green certified business.

We use only natural, organic shampoos and coat conditioners. All our cleaning products are chemical free, natural and completely safe for people and pets. Our salon was painted with low VOC paints, and our towels and bedding are washed in an organic, soap free product – all this helps ensure an allergy-free as possible environment for your baby.